Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Date me and my friends

I've come to the conclusion that, even if I'm MIA someone else is out there too raise hell on my behafe!

Some of my past mistake realtionships have been somewhat of novelities to me and my friends. I mean sure, I liked the person and all but I bet I liked the scadal of some situations more!

One prime example of this would be from grade nine, one of my best friends Kelsey and I liked watching this guy with a popluar youtube show. Eventually, we ended up seeing him downtown and the next thing I knew I was dating him! The truth was though, Kelsey was as involved in the realationship as I was. She knew every detail, plan and was just as equally excited to hear about them as I was. We were both in a fantasy world where we both could not beleive what was happening. She was there from the start, from the days we would watch him to the minuet he asked me out.

Anyways, it turned out he cheated on me with about 6 other girls. My resentment was equally shared and to this day he is a joke that brings us closer together as friends. Anyways, she ran into him this weekend downtown after so many un-eventful months. He obviously knew who she was and apperntly death glared him and stalked him. I have to admit as emberessed as I feel, its still pretty funny!

Oh how I miss her. Funny thing is how well she still knows me. Listening to Demi Lovato's new songs that I'm compeltly obessed with even reminded her of me!

I want to do a lot in the next two weeks, I just hope I can get motivated. I'm really feeling dead when it comes to cheerleading and I don't know how I'm goign to explain to the cheerleading gym I want to try out for how I waited three weeks to call back for a tryout? Anyways, the bake sale is tomorrow so wish me luck with that!