Thursday, October 9, 2008

Christmas is coming, Urban Decay Book of Shadows Palette

Oh christmas, I truly forgot how magically that time of year is. Christmas is the one time a year cosmetics seem to get truly interesting. The Palette and combonation sets this year seem to die for, the decorations alone are alluring enough to suck me in and usually I don't even care. Sephora has started stocking their christmas gifts early, most of their palettes and combonation sets have started to come out and its so exciting!

The Urban Decay Book of Shadows Palette was the one combination set that caught my eye the most, I would have waited but their was only two left and they just came out. This is already one of the seasons hottest sellers. The thing that I liked about this palette was, for one the eyeshadows were a good size. Their pretty much the same size as buying all of them seperatly. Another was that it includes sixteen eyeshadows.

The shades were all pretty cool too, I was really excited about getting some browns, which I'm finally starting to get into. They are deffinatly what make this kit so special. Urban Decay included some of its most popluar shades including cult favourites like Roach and Baked. I think over-all this is a great add on to any make-up junkies collection becuase although,besides the browns a lot of the colours are a bit random, there are sure to be amazing colours with whatever you already have to work with at home. It do get kinda peeved how random the colours are though, I feel like I should understand whoever made this kit and I can't ahah!

The kit also includes two brushes, one is sort of a liner brush and I think its actusally pretty fun to work with if you can get creative enough , the other is a fluffy blending type brush I don't find all that bad (it's just not great for applying eyeshadows intensly, which seems to be the point of urban decay shadow). The kit also comes with a primer poiton but it's a really, really small size and seems to kinda be dried up already. It has been enought though to show me how great of a product the primer potion is, althought the packageing isnt the best.
So yes! This is a great product I've been using for the last feel days now and I love it, deffinatly go buy yours before their sold out!!

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