Saturday, October 18, 2008

Battle in Seatlle

Battle In Seattle is a new movie coming out that looks pretty interesting. It's based on a huge political uprising that took place over a five day period in 1999. Tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets to protest the World Trade Organization. The movie provides an in depth look on the events that happened that week and how it went from a peaceful protest to a full-scale riot that turned into a State of Emergency. The movie shows the chaos of the faceoff between the protestors versus the Seattle Police Department and National Guard.

The thing I find pretty cool about this movie is how, even though I usually find movies involving protests and politically charged movies kind of un-amusing, there's something about this particular movie that is sparking my interest. Also theres the fact it has a pretty strong cast lined up which is sure to make the movie just that much better. With hotties like Charlize Theron and Michelle Rodriguez how can you not be tempted to check this movie out?

Stuart Townsend is the director of the movie and I totally give him props for exploring such a unique story line. I mean, usually if something like this was going to be made into a movie it would be a documentary for television. However, he managed to find a riveting storyline to go alone with the chaotic events of the Battle in Seattle.

So, at least check out the trailer to Battle in Seattle even if its not your thing because you might be surprised and find yourself interested in something other then chick flicks and action movies!

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Robert Campbell said...

Was Michelle Roderiguez or however you spell her name also in Hamlet II? She looks familiar.