Sunday, October 12, 2008

and so, my friends get blogs too

This is going to be interesting

Check out Reenys blog here at , Cup of Reeny

Also be sure to check Diana's out, she wrote an adoreable post about me and our struggels with our cheer squad at Diana Pham

I felt bad that you guys had no clue who I was ever talking about, so I decided to create a blog to show you exactly who the people I rant about and love ever so much are check them out on

So now I fully expect you dedicated readers to know exactly whats going on in my life!
Excuse me, while I sink back into this whole of drama I've been sucked into since last Saturday.

BTW. I bought a crappy video camera today just for uploading to youtube so I can share videos with you guys. I can't wait to take some!

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