Thursday, September 25, 2008

School yet again.

Its currently 9:01 Pm. My ass feels like its broken as do my thighs and arms. Cheerleading last night was insane, we added a few more girls miraculously and we have five perfect stunt groups as of now. Sadly, my massive high faded by the time I got home as one girl is thinking of quitting. If she quits, I may commit suicide. Anyways! I'm in yearbook right now, I honestly haven't done a single thing in this class this year. It's nice coming to school and just being able to be lazy and go on the computer. Apperently I have a project due next week though (not that I even know what its about..!) We have cheerleading again tonight so i hope that goes well, I'm terrified. Were trying to have a group sleepover at Marie's on friday but I think most of the girls are busy. GRRR.

I still can't beleive myself though. First of all, I'm actusally going to school. Last year I missed like two days a week and so far I'm working WAY harder then I was last year. I'm sure that will end soon though lmao. I'm getting pretty worried about my classes, I'm honestly incapeable of anything but cheerleading right now. I can't even THINK of anything else! I'm like a robot in class. URGH, Mr. Hilton is trying to do a lighting workshop. Me and Laurel could care less and are refusing to get up. URGH NVM BRB

Back. God, I wish we got to do whatever we wanted in this class. They instead made it more focused on yearbook then photography. I don't care though. I still plan on taking over and planning some big photoshoots here.

Anways, I better go! I have a photoshoot saturday and a TERRIBLE weave atm so I'm trying to figure out what on EARTH I'm going to do with my hair. I'm getting pretty scared to be honest. God it sucks having no time.

P.S. The war with the football players seems to be getting a tiny bit better... tiny bit..

PPS. Heres a pic me and Laurel took last week. I know, gay pic and I look like casual ass but I feel bad not posting pics!

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