Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Good lord,
I am so sick! I've been in bed the last four days and now I'm havign asthma coughing attacks which are not fun! Anyways, I went to cheerleading last night even though I was basically dead. I almost killed somebody when I found out two girls quit. Seriously, what the HELL do I have to do to get these girls to actsually take this seriously and be commited?! ARGH!! Not to mention Mr.Marler my art teacher happened to see me while driving out and stared at me for 5 minuets becuase he though I skipped. Then I came home to facebook and found out someone I know is now finally going after their dreams. It made me kinda sad but I only wish them the best. But It still makes me terribly sad.
After random crying last night I stayed up watching random Korean Videos. Perez Hilton started posting some on his website, so what the hell. Then I started back with my Jpop videos and found myself listening to C-ute which is my favourite Jpop's band evil spawn. I've come to the conclusion there not that bad if you don't actusally have to listen to them. (Not according to my mother though, she just came in the room and stated that I was listening to the worlds most annoying song)
Anyways, I better get back to doing nothing.
like avoiding my huge essay for anthro...

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