Tuesday, September 30, 2008


PromoModels.com is a unique modeling agency with a new business approach that sets them apart from the rest. One of the reasons I found Promo Models so interesting is it’s not a traditional agency. Promo Models is, in some ways like Model Mayhem. The thing that sets them apart however is Promo Models gets paid work for you. Promo Models is basically the next step from Model Mayhem, its where to go when you’ve gotten enough good shots for a portfolio and want to start making money off your hobby. Promo Models has representatives in most major U.S cities and has had huge major clients, from McDonalds, Redbull and Pepsi to Makeup brand Estee Lauder and the chic clothing house Diesel.

I found their most original feature to this online community to be their blog, a blog made specifically for models which offers advice and information on the entertainment industry. Thankfully I found it interesting to read, they didn’t offer the same “how to do make-up!” and pointless” how to look better tips” that would be found on most agency web sites. Their blog offers interesting reads on topics such as how Transgenders are finally making their way into the mainstream entertainment industry and the juicy details behind your favorite reality T.V shows like Shear Genius and Project Runway. Another thing that makes Promo Models such a good resource for the modeling is their glossary. Their Glossary pages consist of terms anyone entering the modeling industry would find useful, from Body Modeling to Test Boards this Glossary could guide anyone through the industry even some of the most experienced models could learn a thing or two from this helpful resource.

As an agency, promo models is a great place to start out your career. Promo Models does not charge any fee to sign up, you just have to provide your contact info with modeling stats and they contact you when job opportunities are available. Also by signing up for Promo Models you can delete your account at any time, breaking you from any ties with the site and company if you felt the need. Promo Models offers a numerous amount of jobs, mostly focusing on jobs that involve social interaction like trade shows and grand openings. Although the site may specialize in live events at the moment, Promo Models just added a commercial print and fashion modeling section that is growing by the day.

Their model profiles are a really efficient way to show off talent. Their status is clearly shown with a slideshow of the models portfolio. It’s also very easy to find a model that suits the clients needs through their efficient search engine. You can also search through any of the models by clicking browse models on the homepage, showing you a wide selection of Promo Models members. Promo Models has models of every age and gender making it even more resourceful for companies.

If I was located in the U.S I defiantly would sign up. I’m totally hoping that as they grow their company will branch out into Canada and other parts of the world. This site is defiantly going to be a huge hit though. The Modeling Industry has come a long way from just High Fashion, especially with the younger generation having such a DIY attitude. I really love how this agency is about giving everybody a fair chance, they’re not taking your money so what is it you have to loose? So defiantly go check out the site and welcome another member of the revolutionary modeling industry websites to the throne.

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