Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cheer Tryouts

Okay, so!!
Yesterday as you know by my other blogs was cheerleading tryouts. I was terrified. I woke up during the day and all my best friends totally ditched out on me. So i was freaking. THEN, one of my best friends whos suppossed be running it with me didnt show up! So I'm pissed and worried at this point but i suck it up and try and see how tryouts are going to go and if anyone will even show up. Then, wtf. Friggen 50 people showed up. It sucked becuase they were all small too. (flyer dreams down the drain? Better not be..). We had to break the tryouts into three sections. I judged one and the two teachers judeged the other. Sadly, they have no cheer experience and rated people on entuisam. I didnt really have any power deciding who made the sqaud so we might be screwed. I'm terrified to see who made, I honestly haven't slept. My biggest problem is my friend who didn't show up was the girl who I was reling to help teach with me becuase she knows what she's doing alot better then I do.
(I'll post later class is ending)

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Anonymous said...

Hi i've never been on your blog and i probably wont remember this web adress but what kind of team do you run? how old are you? and me and my friends started a cheer group but its only 4 of us. those of us who can come can we still try out? please reply my email is
oh and if you can may you attach a picture of your team?