Monday, September 22, 2008


Holy crap,
I've been so busy its insane.
So as for cheerleading... We now have about 18 girls on the team. Most of them quit before the first practise because there idiots and are scared of looking un-cool. Angela, my friend who was supposed to run it with me hasn't bothered to show up to school for the last few weeks so obviously I'm screwed. The good news however is Mrs. Brown, a new teacher is helping with cheerleading and making my life ALOT easier. She's so sweet and supportive and she can actsually relate to us in some weird way, it helps so much. I also found coaches! There like 20-ish, on CCA Panthers and a lot of fun! Our first practise with them is tonight and thankfully our squad has a chance of learning how to stunt and doing something now. I'm honestly going to admit I'm terrified, our squad isn't exactly strong or experienced but in some odd way I have faith in them. Maybe it's because I know I'm going to work them so hard they wont have any choice but to get good! I'm really happy in the end my friend Marie ended up joining though, I'm just happy i get to spend more time with her. I've also gotten really close to my friend Diana who, without cheerleading I probably would have never met. She lives down the street from me and is always willing to help me with routines and cheers so she's saving my life where Angela killed me. 


SO!! I manage to start get this damn team started. I work for hours finding cheers that aren't totally 100% lame.  I mean sure, its a given that cheers usually are kinda lame but the ones I found and made-up were pretty cool! After our first friggen practise the football team started shit talking us to HELL. Then the whole school started to follow along with them.  So on our second practise we sent our managers to go ask the football coaches when the game was on Friday and they had the nerve to tell them there team didnt want us cheering for them. WTF. I realize our school has no spirit but THIS IS THE FRIGGEN FOOTBALL TEAM. WHAT IS GOING ON?!! So were pissed, so pissed that we might go cheer for the other team next friday. I'm also in fights with bitchy girls in my math class who think they can make fun of our team and Diana went through hell in her English class.

So the spirit war of the century is on and I have no intensions of loosing. I don't care if these girls can't dance I will make them into the best damn cheerleaders ever. 
Watch out Erindale, You've never messed with Keely Friggen Valentine!
ily guys.

P.S. I forgot to mention the best thing. Marie is amazing but she gets very frustrared during cheer and its quite funny. So while we were practising Mrs. Brown came to the conclusion that Me and Marie are exactly like the girls from Bring it On. I'm Kirsten Dunst and Marie is the new girl Missy. (kirsten= keely missy=marie. Pretty coool eh?) It works, so well I cannot even explain. Also the "captin" from last year who ruined cheerleading from Erindale could be big red! Funny how all this works out isn't it?
Dude, I'm so Kirsten Dunst. I'M LIVING MY CHEER DREAM!! FINALLY!!
Just you know, things aren't as hot and were not as good.  

I really hope our uniforms look like these.

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