Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back to school for grade 11

I am so sorry, honestly I have an issue where when i stop blogging for awhile it just keeps getting worse and harder too!! Any way's to start out today's blog and my back to school journey, I'd like to share with you my stupidity of the day.
I was walking down the hallways, on my way to class this morning. Something however did not feel right. I kept walking trying to figure out what it was. Then I realized it! I forgot to wear a bra! I literally stopped in the middle of the hall and started laughing at myself. Everyone around me obviously thought I was phyco ( I mean I am but I try to hide it to the best of my ability).

Anyways. The first day of school was the big, scary day I would find out if we had cheerleading. I was crazy all day in anticipation. Finally, when the school bell rang I ran to the third floor and begged Mr. Biss to let me do it and he said yes!

That of course has shot me into a world where I'm living, breathing, cheering and dying of sore musceles. Not only do I have to now teach a squad but I have to teach myself too! It's hard when I haven't cheered for a few months man! Arghhh. The biggest problem is most people are too scared to join becuase either, a. they think they don't fit the cheerleading sterotype (and please, its not like I do!) and b. there scared of looking stupid. Tryouts however are tomorrow and I am TERRIFIED of what and who will turn up if anyone!

So I've been posting online for coaches, reading up on cheer moves, trying to stretch, begging people to join and looked at uniforms for eight hours last night. EIGHT.
Anyways, enough about cheer. The real cheer hell will start tomorrow.

The weekend was fun, I went back to Burlington with one of my best friends Marie and we went to Mel's house. Mel's parents are crazy to leave her alone. They threw a party the night before so when we went everyone was pretty chill. It didn't however, stop me and sarah from running around outside like idiots or keep me and Marie from blabbling our random nonscense to each other.

The classes I have this semester are pretty slack, I have yearbook/photography, anthroplogy,
math and com tech which is making vidoes. Math however seems to already be killing me and anthro seems like alot of work. I love com-tech becuase Maries in it and I have my favourite teacher Mr. Marler!

Besides my boy break downs I guess thats really it.

So please, I ask you to send me luck tomorrow as I will really, really need it.

love you

My first day of school, it's a terrible picture but i thought it was very Blair Woldorf and that I had to show you! I made the headband myself and it turned out awsome! I'm so proud. The day after I wore this Mr.Marler asked if he could take a picture of me to show his daughters how weird some people at his school dress. I feel insulted yet kinda cool, LOL!.

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