Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Okay so today I came across the best facebook application ever Babble.
Babble is amazing, it lets you take facebook photos from your account and write speech bubbles on you and your friend while tagging them in the process. All you do is click on a speech bubble and type whatever you feel the person in the photo should be saying. It's an amazing way to kill time and make your friends laugh!! I liked Babble more then other programs that can do speech bubbles because it's easier to do photos quickly, you dont have to go through tons of settings to find or edit them. Another bonus is everybody on your facebook can see them so you don't have to send links or upload them anywhere after your photos are done.

Check out the three photo's i babbled tonight! The fun photoshoot I did with Sarah awhile ago was perfect for babbling becuase we got such random shots!

The last is totally my favourite.

Babble your own photos by clicking here!!


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