Monday, August 18, 2008

Where to get Japanese / Asain clothing online

Okay so, with my back to school online shopping spree going on, I decided I'd do something for your inner harajuku lovers and Lolitas. For those of you brave enough to wear full Lolita attire to school (on a normal day) I totally sulute you.

Harajuku / Fruits / Normal Asain Clothes -They have some really cute things on here, some of its really cheesy but if you search around enough you'll find some killer things to really set your wardrobe apart from others. It's totally like China Town online.

Onatoko - More Urban style asain clothes. Totally online China Town. As a bonus sells cell phone charms and asain makeup.

Planet Walrus Ebay Store - Coloful Asain clothes and with a name like that need I say more?

Antidote Clothing - Pretty much a mix of everything.. Has Lolita, Jrock and Street Fashion Inspired things.

Gothic Lolita

Maruione - Shocked the crap out of me. I felt like i was in a dream when I came to this webstores homepage and found the words Angelic Pretty (I died inside), Moi Meme Moitie, Black Peace Now, Sexy Dynamite London, Super Lovers and Victorian Maiden. I realised it was all a Gothic Lolita Tradgedy when I saw the prices though... I NEED an Angelic Pretty dress but how the hell can I afford it!! Oh, I cant. Anyways. I insist you listen to my song Gothic Lolita Tradgedy while on this page becuase you will feel my pain. Click here.

Import Store - Not much of a selection but has some decent, cheap Lolita outfits. I've heard the qualitys okay too.

Cosmates - Known for its cheaper Lolita and cosplay costumes. Totally worth checking out if your a Lolita on a budget. Has a great selection

Angelic Pretty - One of Japans cutest Lolita labels has an english website

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