Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shopping, Stress and Sneaking into other movie theaters

*Sigh*, I am a walking stress machine.
It's quite terrible. So much back to school things to do and clothing to buy. I managed to put myself about 200 in debut today. That's what happens when your friend with a credit card lets you put stuff on there! Then I totally got screwed over by online shopping. No one told me there was a weird tax they make you pay when you pick the item up. ARGHH WTF.

I'm also quite frustrated with my situation with my parents but whatever, most famous people have screwed up parents so I suppose that's a good sign right?

Today I hung out with Jessica and Ian, we were supossed to go to Wonderland but didn't make it because of the rain. The good (and i suppose bad for me) part was we ended up at Vaughn Mills. Ian found his favourite jean brand all hafe off and spent $500 on them as I drooled in envy. Me and Jess spent the day trying on crazy clubbing tops and cute outfits which we rang up on Ian's card. It was alot of fun!

On an annoying note, we went to see a movie after the mall. I basically had my stress limit blow up when I was forced to see Tropic Thunder. I just could NOT sit through that movie today. Basically, I went wandering and ended up in the theater next door. This specific movie however, was one I saw last week with Marie and it almost killed me. I just stood in the blocked off part watching the screen and withing two minuets I realized I was crying. After 10 minuets i pulled myself together enough to go sit through another ten minuets of Tropic Thunder. Then I once again ended up in the next theater, mezmoried by the screen with every thought I shouldn't have been thinking running through my mind. By this point I was bawling my brains out trying not to make a sound. Right as the movie ended my contact fell out so i had to shove it back in my eye and get the hell out of there before anyone saw me. Then I just kinda sat by the doors in Tropic Thunder until Jess found me and I felt like a total loser (like always). I mean, I'm so worried about Jess right now. Her and her boyfriend are having a rough time right now and the last thing I want is for her to have to worry about me. Honestly, seeing her on the phone sad taking to him friggen kills me. It hurts as much as if it was my boyfriend bitching me out on the phone. Jeeze, having true best friends can be pretty painful can't it?

But anyways, I'm going to try to go to sleep and not think about cheerleading, the debut I'm in, my plans for tomorrow or the what if's or why can't we that have beaten my heart up. Goodnight loves. Things will just have to work out; for all of us because I refuse to let it go any other way!

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