Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Yesterday I finally realized how much of my summer I wasted. I hate how i have such an energy problem and how I just sleep hafe my life away. I met this photographer Damien downtown Burlington yesterday by the lake. We took some cool shots, they were alot different from my normal stuff. He said he wanted to capture the model part in me or something like that. I had this brillant idea of jumping into lake Ontario for some cool shots. It was really hard to get into the water though, besides the fact Damien had to save me from falling on the rocks 30 times, this GANGSTAAA gang of ducks was NOT happy we were on there turf. I have this thing called the duck curse where I think whenever I date a guy a sign of ducks around us ruins our realtionship. Yea I know, I'm sketchy. These two swans were the leader of there gang and like, slowly krept up towards us. Needless to say we ran to the other side of the lake, where eventually the gangsta swans kicked us out of. Although it was really different from my normal stuff I really liked how some of the images turned out. Were shooting again soon and I'm excited about that. I also got the picutres from the shoot I did downtown with Nichole in some of the Toxic Vision Clothes.

Here's a shot from the shoot with Nichole. I'll post more and some of the ones with Damien later

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