Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My 200th Post!

Wow, I don't know if it seems like i post more then this or what but I guess I have to make this one kinda special don't I?

I've started writing a novel, I'm not going to give hints on what it's about yet but maybe I will when the times right. Alot of it is things that happened in my life, I added alot of fantasy to them though. I hope I actsually get around to finishing it.

People have really been confusing me lately, have you ever just wanted everything to stand still? I don't want to face a more complicated situation then I'm in.

Yesterday, my band started interviewing guitarests. Hopefully, well get two soon. Then we need to find an awsome keyboardest. Most new good music has alot of keybords in it lately. Speaking of music though, I've decided to do another song with Chris Lago. I can't seem to find any lyrics I've written that stand out to me though.. I can only write songs when I'm really angrey at a guy that ruined my life haha. Oh boy, that and I'm not sure what type of music I want to make. I do know i want to try something new. I'm really trying to find my style, but god its just so, so much harder then you think. I was thinking maybe trying something new like Lights? I really, really don't know. Wish me luck on this one. I majorly need it.

One of my new best friends/my new personal makeup artist/ partner is crazy crime came over when I got back from my band's little adventure. Nichole is great, she's a friggen blast to hang out with. We both did crazy smokey eye looks and took some crazy pictures. They ended up of me mostly jumping looking like I was jumping onto my balcony. Nichole is so pretty, she's like the perfect model/ make-up artist combo. I'm going to try to go to her photoshoot on Friday as her assistant, it would be alot of fun. Espically since I really want to be a make-up artist too.

Hopefully she can do two shoots with me I have to do next week, I honestly cant imagine doing my owen make-up now. It would just be no fun!!

Us on the balcony.




Nichole said...

I lurrveeee you! You are awesome! And ew I am not a model MUA combo. I couldn't sell rice in China!

Young, Chic, and Social said...

Yeah your right!
your to good for that! :P

Anonymous said...

omg babes!!

keely you look so good in the first pic, your eyes look so big ! ;O

do my makeup, lol!

Young, Chic, and Social said...

lmao you totally didnt tell me who u are

Anonymous said...

John Fazinoo

Robert Campbell said...

hey Keely, I'm selling a CORO designer brooch from the 1960s on eBay and I wondered as I made the listing... do girls even wear brooches anymore? I blogged my adventure in The Sunday Market at St Lawrence Hall in case any of your readers like costume jewelry and want to know where to get good stuff cheap in Toronto.

Anonymous said...

i didnt tell you because you actually think i hate you when i dont

Young, Chic, and Social said...


Anonymous said...

think of people
who you think
hate you

and im one of those people
but i dont actually hate you lol