Saturday, August 23, 2008

last days of summer fun!

(Yes, I'm posting more photoshoot pics My blog needs visual love :)!)

Okay, so im going to try to make this short but epic. Me and Marie finally ended up at Wonderland. It was fun but we only made it on one water slide ride and like 5 friggen rides. Terrible line ups. I have to go back before summers over though for sure. The best part of the day was when we were in line for a ride and someone threw up on it. Shortly after they annonced it was "closed for mechanical difficulties" then some dude yelled out "BUUUUUUULLLLLLLL SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT".
It was amazing, I'm going to do that more often now.

Today me and Marie went to Niagara falls though. We went to an indoor water park and had a blast. We were kinda in shock we never really heard about it before because it was so fun. I was happy then had a outdoor patio to tan on too. We sadly left about 5 and didn't have time to lurk the shops or other cool stuff but we were broke anyways. Then we went and saw the movie the rocker. It nearly killed me for many dramatic reasons lmao! I can honestly say Marie is one person I can spend the day with and actusally have the best time ever and not be like "AHWEE I WISH A GUY WAS HERE!". I love you Marie and our crazy, crazy ways. Who else could I run around screaming PELICANS, and DOMO with for hours. Okay, well knowing my friends a few but then we run around screaming like anime charaters and were cool.

On a side note, I've offically stoped giving a crap about how I look. Like, Ive been around water so much in the last week I'm just walking around with my naturally curley afro and no make-up. I really don't know what it is. Maybe Its a I just feel comfortable enough to truly be myself, even if I look terrible becuase they still will love me kinda thing? I was pretty bummed today I'm not gonna lie, Marie made it better though so its cool. I'm goign to die when she goes to New York. Shes like my current feeding tube AND I GET REALLY UPSET WHEN I'M HUNGRY!

Anyways. I'm not making sense becuase I'm mad circa tickets sold out before I bought them. I did however become obessed with a song by Demi Levato, who I kinda had a huge grudge against but WHATEVER. She proved me wrong! (or atleast this song did). I was a little mad she stole No Doubts album cover but atleast it means she has good taste right?

Look up the lyrics for sure, its about getting back together with an ex. I love them!

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