Saturday, August 30, 2008

I've been reviewed!!

I was thrilled to check my inbox today to see that my blog had been reviewed (thankfully, in a good light). My blog was featured on Canadian Blog Friends. Canada Blog Friends is a blog that features Canadian Bloggers. Pretty cool I'm on it, No? Anyways, I laughed pretty hard reading the review. Although I realize it is inevatible to ignore my spelling mistakes on here atleast the review put them in a positive light! Another funny thing was how they mentioned I failed English. This however I found hilarous.

"She mentions meeting boys, and going on dates, and she likes to document creeps,"

This is just deffinatly something you guys gotta check out. Reading this, I surpisingly felt like I acomplished something by writing on this blog!! Pretty good feeling I gotta say.
P.S im only 16 and going into grade 11 now!

Click HERE for the direct post on Canada Blog Friends

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