Friday, August 8, 2008

Hamlet 2

I have to admit, I spend the majority of my time at movies and it wasn't hard to get me excited when I saw the preview for Hamlet 2. Steve Coogan plays Dana Marschz, a high school drama teacher who's job is to put together plays of modern movies in Tucson Arizona's West Mesa High School. Steve has to face the problem of his high school merging with another and deal with un-teachable inner city kids.

When a ninth grader writers a embarrassing review of Dana's play in the newspaper, it humiliates the school and teacher. Dana decides to write a play himself that would relate more to the student's and make an interesting production.

I'm guessing Dana would be a pretty cool teacher as he includes the song "Sexy Jesus" in the play and displays Jesus as a rocker. I totally can't explain how much I'd kill to be in a drama class where everyone was dedicated and excited to put on an amazing show. It makes me wonder if it has a lot to do with a teacher being motivated. Anyways, It should be good to see a movie that's a musical and has nothing to do with Zac Efferon. I'm really excited! My drama geek friends are probably going to love it. Tell me if you do!