Friday, August 29, 2008

Fall Trend Must Try; Black Lipgloss

Fall's major trend is dark bold colours, so it only makes sense that dark lipgloss is the new "it" look. Mac's cult of cherry collection features alot of darker purple's with a almost unnoticable red tint to them. Although there very dramatic there alot more wearable then alot of collections out this fall. Lancome and Yves Saint Laurent bodly introduced black lip glosses, surprisingly Lancome's is more expensive at $40 titled Piha Black. It's also said to be really blendable, which is a good thing as I'm sure most people won't be bold enough to go out in soild black. Lancome's gloss is stated to come out in November and already has wait lists avalible. Yves Saint Laurent's gloss was pimped all over the runways. It has no sparkle and can be preorded for $28 from their website. I;m pretty sure theirs will be out sometime next month. Yves Saint Laurent in Pur Black.
Yves Saint Laurent on the runway. I can see Rhianna rocking this look.
Lancomes gloss inPhia Black.

So now the real question is will you try this look?

I preorded the Yves Saint Laurent one but I think I would rather try the Lancome one becuase it seems to have sparkles in it.

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Henna said...

I'm hoping that as with all glosses, the black ones will have little pigment and can be applied over your regular pink or red lippies to create a nice dark colour that still suits you. I don't think I'll buy one, but I definitely want to try it!