Sunday, August 17, 2008

Clothing Lines, Concerts and Sneaking around.

Wow, sorry I haven't posted. I know how annoying that is. I got caught up in a whirl wind of crap i had to do lately.. so let me try and back track..

I did a photoshoot.. Big surpise there.. It turned out pretty cool, I can't wait too show you guys the pictures becuase I modeled some Toxic Vision Clothes and I even wore a skirt i designed and made myself the night before! (YES, I'M PROUD!).

Then, I came home to my band mates being snuck to Burlington and staying in my friend's house with another friend of mine (who's been throwing house parties there and had the neihboughrs uber suspicious). So, we ran around the house being idiots, scared the neighbourghs were going to come when my producer I have been fighting with for awhile texts me. Random, I know. Thankfully and (to everyones shock) we managed to make up and stop fighting. That felt good and let's me breath just a LITTLE bit more now.

The next day was the same thing, I stayed up until four in the morning and had to wake up early to go to the Soundtrack of my Summer Tour! It was a fun night, I saw Metro Station, Good Charlotte (who were alot better live then any of us thought they would be), The Maine and Boys like Girls. I went with my amazing friend Tiara I hadn't seen forever, she introduced me to her nice friends Tracy and Eric. Me and Tracy tried to venture into the croud of hell to get closer to Trace Cyrus. (Shut up, he's hot). We could'nt breath, got elbowed, choked, bruised and sweat on and almost died. The whole time, four people away from the frount of the stage I was wondering If it was worth it. I still haven't come to that conclusion!!

Then at some point I ended up at a fashion show/meet-up thing for designers. It was alot of fun, I got to see Miss Jessica Phillip's and meet her amazing friend Ian (Our new chaufuer hehe) and we got to Model for Monster Muffin Clothing together. Monster Muffin's Designer Lori is so chill, she was a total sweetheart to us. We did the photoshoot together (having a blast) and ended up leaving becuase I had a BAD on and off feaver from staying up so late the night before. As I drifted in and out of concious-ness we ended up at a movie theater seeing Pineapple Express. The movie was okay, I'm sure I would have liked it alot more if I didn't have the ability to fry egg's on my forehead. The movie put me in the mood to shoot things, where we came up with the brillant idea to go to lazer tag. (We were in Scarborough and ventured back to Missisauga in fear they would use real guns on us! LOL). Thankfully i was feeling a bit better by then. I did get pissed when i found out SOMEONE was calling my friends and spreading shit about me becuase I tried to be a good friend and look out for them (Time's like these I thank god for my Erindale Friends). Jess choose the username SexySocks, Ian was Phoneguy (he has two phones and at one point was holding four) and I was MissValentine. When these short, skillfull little asain ninja's started ganging up on me and my crew, we decided we had to work together (at the end of the game so we were kinda screwed by then). Someone name ISMELLLIKEPOO kept shooting me and it REALLY got on my nerves. Ian ended up coming in 2, with me and Jess in 6th and 7th or something like that.

ANYWAYS. I OWE YA'LL PICS.. that I am dying to see too!

Someone, please help me find time to fit into going to Guelph.

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duuuuuddeee what is up i think you should like blog about emus and ostridges making babies or like little baby llamas hopping over fences k...sweet deal this blog is pretty sweet still ^_^ <- thats my little frog monster k im done lol this was pointless enuff XD
- you'll never guess who this is