Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cake Disasters

Oh lord, The things I keep coming across.
Cake Wrecks is a blog that displays some of the worst cake designs made by profesional cake makers.
The things people request are quite shocking but I think the stupidity of some of the people who made some of the cakes must be mentally retarded.
Here is some of my favorite ones..

Uhm, I get your trying to raise money but is the pedophile on the log in an empty forest and the starving and dying children completely nessesary?
Chinese binded feet cake. Seriously, who the hell would eat this.

All of this reminded me the amazing last day of summer school when me and Rachel went out and bought a cake. Our class kind of had this inside joke where we would run around screaming CRACKKK everywhere in the school. Last minuet i had the "brillant" idea of asking the poor old cake lady to write "congratulations crack" on our cake. I told her it was our friends nickname. I felt terrible after! It was terribly funny though, our class love it and even our teacher found it funny.
Oh how I miss summer school.

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