Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back to School Shopping!

Here are some of my pics for good online webstores to make back to school shopping a little easier.

For the Scene Queen...

Iron Fist Clothing: The websites a bit of a drag to navagate through but they have the sickest prints and sweaters around. Not to mention alot of there stuff is 50% off right now so deffinatly check it out before its all gone.

Bleeding Star Clothing
: Amazing t-shirts. Has models like Audrey Kitching. Probly my favourite t-shirt line. (Although I'm really into Ironfist now too.)

Lucky Thirteen: More Pin-up girl style stuff but pretty cool. They have alot of stuff on their site though, so search through it and you can find some cute things and good deals.

The Hip Princess

Karmaloop: This store caters to the scene kids and the hip-hop queens or basically, anyone with a love for funky fashion. Carrys brands like TRIP NYC and Harajuku lovers along with Married to the mop and Princess of the Posse.

Heart on my Sleeve: Surpingly good, Audrey O'Day from Danity Kane's just launced clothing line. I'm loving the t-shirts and will deffinatly buy one in the near future. What stood out to me was the cropped shirts, cute bags and unique flower headbands. Except for the flower headbands and the amazing "Katie girl" necklace (which any true fan of Sex and the City will love) everything is pretty reasonably priced.

The Rich

Lorick: For the more daring fashionaist's Lorick gives a classy twist to some classic silhouettes. Lorick also happens to be the line featured on Gossip Girl as Blairs mothers collection.

My major tip for Online Shopping.

Stores like Forever 21, Wet seal and Charlotte Russe may be great for online shopping becuase of there great prices but the thing is with stores like that you need to remeber alot of times they look great on the rack but TERRIBLE on! Try your best to order items like t-shirts and things made of jersey. If not, atleast check their return policy for online orders.

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