Monday, July 28, 2008

Me, everywhere.

Okay so, theres this one picture of me
that apperntly most of the teenage popluation has seen of myself floating around the internet. (Who knew a $30 vintage dress could be so attractive to the internet?. I've had people offer me $250 for this thing. If only i had tagged my damn name in the picture before everyone got it. *sigh*)
Not only has my friend in B.C asked why her best friend had myself in her display picture (She had no clue who I was just thought i was pretty) but when searching the word lonely on photobucket it came up within the first two pages. Then theres the roleplayers using that picture of me and telling the world I'm married to Zac Effron. (Oh, great.)
People have always been telling me how they've had it as their layouts, I acutsally found one.

I think im going to start a collection of places i find this damn thing lmao.

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