Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Car Insurance, Oh My!

So now that I'm finally legal to venture off into the scary world of driving, I decided to research exactly how much car insurance is for moi at this extremely helpful and easy car insurance quote maker website. (No it's not an insurance website; thank god. Just one that gives you quotes from them). Also, It's Canadian so apologies to my International readers. I like this site becuase it didn't make me give out any personal information, other sites have been known to email AND call you wanting to know if your still interested. Ew. Knowing nothing, this is rather difficult. Thankfully, I don’t have to include the fact that I broke my friends car last week driving around in the parking lot and stomping on the breaks. Nobody told me you could damage them that way!?!

So, assuming I have my G1 and I drive a 2006 Volvo. My insurance comes to $4358 a year as my lowest price option, that’s $363.17 a month. I may not know a lot about insurance but that is ALOT of money. Two month's worth of insurance could buy me a pair of Manalo's. The other insurance quote offers from the website showed my options being as high as $6979 a year!! That's insane! At this point, I'm REALLY hoping those driving courses my parent's keep saying they'll pay for really will dramatically lower my insurance rate... Another cool thing I noticed about this site was that it also shows you what your payment options are for each offer. With over 30 insurance companies featured, it's deffinatly going to show you your best options.
Now the real question is WHAT WOULD YOUR INSURANCE RATE BE?!!

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