Monday, July 28, 2008

Be a Horse Racing Pimp

I like to think of myself as a pro gambler, ever since the days of gambling for items from each others pencil case with card games in grade three to the ever progressing poker parties in grade 8. (Not that I knew how to play, I just managed to win. Alot.)
So, I got playing this horse betting game, something I knew nothing about until now.
click for the horse racing game .It's really addictive! Not only that but I managed to learn a lot for it.

So apparently, there's three types of bets in horse racing
a win bet, (one where you have to choose the horse that’s going to win), a place bet (where you choose the 1st or 2nd place horse) and a show bet (where you get either the 1st,2nd or 3rd place horse).

After playing for awhile I got a better understand of which horses to choose from: by reading their probability and yeah, my character was the sexy martini chick. I wouldn't gamble any other way.

It's really funny how I can totally see some of my friend's in these characters. The pimp (Ravi for sure), the rocker dude (could be mannyyyy people). Oh, and the dude beside my girl, he's my date for sure. Mhumm. Hopefully, he'll win me some money.

This game taught me a lot, I was playing it at my friends house and got WAY too into it. I kind of started destroying his room every time I lost. I learned a lot of things i didn't know like…
an exacta bet is a bet where you choose two horses and bet which one is going to beat the other. A triactor bet is when you bet three horses and they all have to come in first, second and third place. (Yeah, it doesn't sound like people win from this one too much)

So, if you would like more info on horse racing click here. Horse racing is one form of gambling I find most people don’t appreciate as much as they should. I used to spend every Canada day at racetrack’s for amazing fireworks and love being around horses so I really have always wanted to try it out. I know what I'm doing when I'm legal baby! For now, I’ll just force my friend’s to bet for me.

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