Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Well, life seems to be getting back to normal. I'm in major emoitonal distress and wouldn't mind slapping myself multiple times.

Anyways. I have that show I'm doing Saturday and my band has practised once. Thankfully, we sounded okay during that one practise so I'm not as worried as you think i would be. Then again, I know once were on stage I'll just be laughing at myself.

Practise yesterday was hilarous. We missed our go train by two minuets, making me and alex and hour late. Then we got there after a train, bus and subway ride to find out not one of us had booked the studio and it was not open. That and we had to wait for the drummer and bass player for another hour. Then as they showed up someone thankfully showed up at the practise space then too. I swear, working with guys can be so frustrating, if i don't figure shit out and make sure everyones calling each other and showing up nobody does. ARGH. I'm really excited to make our owen music and experiment with the other geners I've always wanted to do though. I really, really wonder how Saturday's going to turn out. WE NEED TO FIT IN MORE PRACTISES!! On the way there, me and Alex saw a license plate that said Guelph on it and laughed a bit. On the way back to the subway however a magazine was laying right open in our path of walking and it was open to a huge page that said GUELPH. Alex died laughing, I started screaming and freaking out laughing and nearly crying while my bass player and drummer kept shouting WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER! I took this as a bad sign for Saturday LOL.

Shit, i really have to go to homework I keep refusing to do.

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