Tuesday, June 10, 2008


My head is THROBBING. I've been trying to download photoshop for the past three hours but i cant get a proper keygen. Stress. Everywhere. I picked up some dresses today from a second hand shop i plan to alter the hell out of and sell online. So tired. I have to get ready for my photoshoot Thursday, which should be a lot of fun because the photographer I'm shooting with is a blast. (Sarah, get your damn outfits picked out)
Damn life being so stressful.
Friday i figure out how many stomache diseases i have btw, wish me luck with that one!

So while i try and figure out a way to redo this blog, I'll leave with this photo I took of my friend Azra and a shop that sells skirts with vag's on it!

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Anonymous said...

thats a cool picture, u took that?! <3<3 i love u even more