Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pride Prom 2008

Okay, last night was a BLAST. Me and my friend's totally werent the only straight kids there too and EVERYONE had a blast! The theme was fairytale and some people went all out and dressed crazy. THE MUSIC WAS AMAZING. THEY EVEN PLAYED THE SONG FILTHY AND GORGEOUS BY THE SICCOR SISTERS! Amazing. Honestly, it was such a relif to not have to put up with major gino music the gross guys at high school try to grind up with. This was the best way to start Pride week off in Toronto. I'm really excited for the dragonette show, I think it's this sunday. Dragonette's just about my favourite band ever! I'm going to wear something crazy to that, just no clue what that will be.

So back to Prom! The guy from degrassi (Adamo Ruggiero) was hosting it and I got to meet and talk to him. He was so nice and laid back! I hugged him about 5 times. I went with my friends Maura and Marie. Maura, I met at a Panic at the Disco show while Marie was in my school the whole year and decided to talk to me when school ended. (Fun.) The three of us are like an unstoppable force together!

My outfit however, just did not feel right. Even paired with my killer Betsy Johnson pumps, I just wasn't feeling it (Nor could i dance in them) so i just shoved my vintage pink and black dress in my bag with a crinoline and wore my leg warmers and sneakers.
We got there around 6 with a few hours to spare (it started at 8.) I made a mad rush down Queen street and bought and altered (in the store) a vintage dress, did my makeup CRAZY using all the glitter in mac and found shoes in china town for 20 dollars. So i was shit ass broke and all the stores closed on Spadina and Queen at around 7-8ish. We headed back to the Eaton's center where i fixed up my foundation at Mac and then we were there by 9.

All my speedy, crazy amazing work was TOTALLY worth it when i FREAKING WON BEST DRESSED OF THE NIGHT! I mean, it's one thing to win best dressed but its a whole other thing when you friggen win when you got ready DOWNTOWN and unexpectadly!

I won this bag from french connection (click for link)

It's actusally a sick bag, it also came with a cool book with sick quotes and two, one day gym passes.

I want to dance.
But yeah, you all should go to awsome event's like this and support your gay and lesbien friends becuase there amazing.

Now for what you REALLY wanted.

Going on the subway (The heel's were from hell so i had to wear my sneakers there and look like an idiot. Shut up.)

Me and the two girls who ABSOULUTLY MADE MY NIGHT! Marie, Me and Maura

The gay love of my life Jeremy. (He was ironically also my first boyfriend) I still love him.

Getting my award for best dressed. (Yeah i realize i look like a dumbass in this picture but its funny.)

Moi with Adamo Ruggiero from Degrassi!!


David said...

HAHA lol kidding, god damn you found ALL your crap downtown and got ready down there? lol champion right there :) god damn maybe i shouldve tried on the dress i couldve won pride queen :)...well try dying lol

Anonymous said...

talk about advertising much...

Maura said...

last night was amazing, i might even go ahead and say that our little shipping extravaganza before prom was just as fun as actual prom!
your the best toronto tour guide ever.

anddddddd we need to go buy all those clothes we saw
but had no money to buy


Anonymous said...