Monday, June 23, 2008

New pictures from a photoshoot

So I'm crazy excited for my new band. We found a bass player today and I swear within two minuet's of a four way msn convo, I think I've found my new family. Band's really are like that. You just get so close to them. Sadly, were still drummerless and terrified for our asses.

I've got a photoshoot on Friday another possibly sunday and i know Dragonette is playing at pride sometime this week and im deffinatly going to that! I'm thinking of going to Pride's Prom tomorrow becuase it could be alot of fun (that and i could wear whatever the hell i want.)

I took some cool photos with my friend Ivan today, they turned out pretty good for us just messing around. Here's some. It was fun, we were just running around the parking grage in my condo and came across a motor- cycle. We were like SCORE baby!

Lemmie know what you guys think.

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Maura said...

your a hot sex machine!

( L )