Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Finally, my exams are done. I'm probly going to end up in summer school but for now I'm deffinatly not going to think about that. I survived the Sound of Music Festival this weekend with only minor damage (possibly only becuase I was so sick it stopped me from doing anything). I'm feeling like shit right now though, the weathers just reminding me of the hell i went through last year and now.. well it's not exactly something I can talk about on here but all i can say it this to my friends who might understand.

He's to much like Tommy for his own good, excpet this isn't a T.V show this is sadly reality and I don't get that happy ending like Jude always did....

Why could'nt I just be the actress of the show? Why does someone have to actsaully live through that crap on TV??! I really can't handel this.

So right now, I just feel more alone, scared and torn up then I ever had. Worst of all, this isn't just about realitonships. This is my whole future at stake. I can't afford to take 10 steps back in my life right now..

How am i going to deal with this?

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