Thursday, May 15, 2008

The will make me scream.

The Strangers

Okay, so I’m a major sucker for horror movies because they totally give me an excuse to be excessively loud in a quite room AND i get the opportunity to jump on cute guys! (That is if I’ve managed to score a date with them in the first place). On the other hand though, I won't go near them after a breakup and occasionally when I’m feeling lonely and missing the Friday nights cuddling on the couch of long-term relationship's past.

BUT SCREW IT! I’ve totally felt like seeing one lately and although i doubt it will be in the arms of the one I truly love I am determined to see the latest horror movie coming out titles “The Strangers”. This movie looks sick and allot better then most teenage horror movies. Usually when targeted to teen's specifically there never the best. Also as an added bonus, the movies based on a true story and come on, doesn’t that always make the movie at least 10% better?!

The story, awesomely centers around Kristen McKay (Liz Tyler) and James Hoyt (Scott Speedman). The lovely couple returns from a friend’s wedding reception to a creepy voice and a knock at 4 in the morning asking if Tamara was home. (I think if this happened to me I would just die automatically.) Then (as shown in the trailer) this scary looking ghost like thing keeps popping up in the background. I HAVE SCREAMED AT THIS OVER 4 TIMES IN THE THEATERS WATCHING THE TRAILER. YES I HAVE MEMORIZED WHEN IT IS GOING TO POP U
BUT REGARDLESS I’M STILL SCARED CRAPLESS. I must say though, I really hope no one dies in this

story because I HATE when people die (yeah there probably going to happen but, I can hope can’t I?)

So go see it, or better yet come see it with me (and... turn into the guy i like? Yep. That would be awesome.)strangers-firstlook.jpg

Check out the trailer in the link above! Maybe you'll scream as much as i did. Ahahah, I wish.

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Robert Campbell said...

The trailer looks really evil. I hope the movie is just as good - you know horror movies always suck after you see the monster. Cloverfield for example. I hope these bad guys remain scary after the reveal.