Monday, May 19, 2008


okay so i have no time to blog BUT... heres a quick update on my life.!

-I have decided the easiest way not to think about all this drama is to convince myself i hate a certain someone. Someone I will end up hating regardless beucase i mean, hello. There clearly a douche that made me think i was there friend but I'm not even that! God it sucks being a walking cash machine for people to want to grab. YES ITS HARD FOR ME NOT TO ANSWER YOUR TEXTS BUT NO IM NOT GOING TO.

-I went on a date with this guy on friday for his documentary about dating people online. Sadly, I've really fallen for a guy whos job is to now go on dates for his film. Not to mention I can ONLY see him on camera. I choose situations well don't I?

- When I need to laugh, I think of how Brett ( the guy who wants to manage me in New York) sent me and Evan ( a extremly GREAT and famous producer) a "fake album list" of song titles he came up with. My response to these fake song titles was, "no way in hell" Evan however, is a busy man and his response to Brett was "If you ever send me stupid shit like this again, I'll kill you!" or something like that. Everytime i think of his reaction, I'm literly on the floor.

-I bought the most fking amazing betsy johnson shoes.

- I am angry at life. No, not really at life. Just at someone who should not exist becuase they clearly do not consider my feelings. YOU SHOULD BE SO MUCH MORE MATURE THEN THIS YOU STUPID FREAKING ASSHOLE!

- I need to find a new favourtie band, as my last fav now brings to much pain for me to listen too.

now heres links to crap i want to buy

sick red sweater
diet coke dress
zigzag dress
ebay lamb!
dark hoodie
married to the mob sweater
random sweater with fur
cute vest
vinyl coat

and gossip girl was fking amazing.
I love Chuck secreatly. Bad boys with accents just have a place in my heart <3
Boys with fake accents that think there rich or just too damn cool however.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i misses gossip girl.
dont tell me what happened though.
imma watch it on the computer when it's posted.

duude. forget about stupid freaking asshole. clearly hes a shallow bitch that needs to be slapped around a bit.

evidently, its not just me who thinks that all people are GHEY!!

lol. cept you and me.
love you keely.