Thursday, May 1, 2008

stfu old people

I only have one comment to the media right now
and its get the hell off of Miley Cyrus's ass.
All fifteen year olds are perceived as sluts when in the media,
shes just like all of us teenage girls,
Yeah we watch sex and the city and yeah, we do get convinced to take photos by photographers where our backs are exposed.
And I mean sure, the my space angle pictures of herself she's been taking are kind of stupid but most girls her age are doing it. (hello, peer pressure much?)

At least shes not a huge slut like Vanessa Hudgeons. Even still, get off her case. All teenage girls are idiots
and we all make mistakes.

P.s: I'm really not a disney fan, I'm just scared to death of what my future career could be like lmao

But what the hell though, bitc his stealing my style! Give me my socks back hoe!


Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree. But remember, she's from Disney and she has to have a certain look. She's a big influence to ALOT of 7 year old girls and coming from Disney she should know that.

Young, Chic, and Social said...

yeah i do totally agree on that aspect its just i feel bad becuase shes fifteen and just trying to be a normal teenager. Its not fair that she has to constantly work even if she doesn't want to

Anonymous said...

If she didn't want to work I'm sure she'd stop. And she clearly isn't trying to be normal if she goes on youtube and waves her famousness in everyone's face.

Anonymous said...

If You Dont Like The Way Holywood Is then STOP TRYING TO GET IN.

Anonymous said...

totally agree with the last anonymous, if u dont like hollywood, stop trying to get in aha