Thursday, May 1, 2008

Where in the world is Osama

Okay so, I’m really hooked on movies right now. Badly. One movie trailer that’s totally intrigued me lately though is another documentary by super size me director Morgan Spurlock. Instead of showing us how were dying from McDonald’s he goes on a mission to find Osama Bin Laden, something I wish me and my friends though of because that could have made a really funny you tube video.

It actually looks hilarious. Obviously, he’s going to be unsuccessful in finding him but the movie does cover where Osama came from, what he’s like and what the hell made him so screwed up to begin with (This should be interesting). This movie should leave you walking away with learning at least something. Another cool thing will be seeing the reactions of people in the middle east, especially the ones who embrace him and don’t look at him as evil like we do in North America.

I totally have to give Spurlock props for going all out though, filming such a freaking controversial topic in the middle east must have been terrifying. He came up with the idea to go through with this because hes about to be a father and doesn't want to bring his child into a world with Osama on the loose. To be honest, I'd be more scared of my child turning into a drug addict but OH WELL. But the dude got to ride freaking camels, way too cool. I shit the bed back in grade 3 when I was too scared to get off the damn camel at the zoo.

So i know this isn't your typical Friday night movie but i seriously think it looks totally hilarious and something you could probably learn something from. So sue me if I'm wrong but when have i ever been?! (Yes, I'm totally joking with that line)

Now go watch the trailer and laugh.
God knows you need it.

Where in the World is Osama is Bin Laden

go view the trailer on the website!

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Robert Campbell said...

Hey I checked out that trailer - and I downloaded an Osama Bin Laden mask - perfect. You know your post has me thinking... George Bush will probably watch the film, and I wonder...if he is alive, do you think Osama Bin Laden will ever watch Morgan Spurlock's documentary? I bet he will... someday.