Thursday, May 8, 2008

I wish i had energy to get crap done

((i posted this on my new blogg too))

Okay, things are so crazy lately!
(I just had to hang up the phone with my friend to blog because i cannot multi-task)
It seems like this music thing is really starting to pick up. I mean it always has stages but seriously I seem to be getting alot more interest now then ever.
Thankfully i've been getting alot of emails with things like
"Keely seems to have a lot of potential" from some pretty big people. So who knows, maybe this will finally be the summer i actually get my butt known. I love when things like this happen but at the same time it's pretty scary. I could either get myself really screwed in contracts or then theres also the chance of everything happening and changing so i'd never be able to be normal again. Theres so much about the whole music industry i wish i could tell you guys but for some reason everyone keeps this stuff so secretive.

Theres someone I'm especially terrified of loosing and yeah, i have a secret crush. (Never though that would happen.) Seriously, i forgot what it was like to smile like an idiot and actually watch what i say. Not only that but the occasionally rare texts i get from this person make me go nuts. I hate how like, I can still have hope for this person even though theres NO WAY i'd ever be with them. I always fall for the funny guys i can never be with. Why is that? But I'm okay, its just love and i have that from so many people in my life right now. (May i give a shout out to Laurel who makes me want to cry because i know she cares even if she isn't always there?)

Anime north is so soon i refuse to count the days. I still haven't started my costumes or planned anything out. May always makes me want to kill myself from stress, add that with all the assignments I'm getting and the fact I'm failing english this is a huge recipe for disaster. The only thing i can seemingly motivate myself to do though in times of crisis like this is, BLOG! Because blogging about it is procrastinating, which is amazing because then it makes things HARDER. WHICH GIVES ME MORE TO BLOG ABOUT! (YAY!)

I just want my energey back so i have no excuse as to why i cant sew or do work. Urgh, I HATE MYSELF FOR THIS STRESS RIGHT NOW!
Anyways, I love you guys! I'm doing my first shoot with my new camera with some friends on saturday, hope it turns out well. I'll post some pictures!
and have an amazing fabulous friday.

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