Sunday, May 11, 2008

Becasue random weekends make wierd blog posts

((hey guys im posting mostly on my uber blog becuase Its getting like way more hits then here and i just started it but dont worry, i promise ill start doing exculsive posts here still when i get more time!!))

So friday, best and worst night of my life.
Enough said.

Saturday, all my plans got screwed up by my ever so dependable friends (urgh.) With that frustration and my um, current life frustration I did a bit of crying and it felt amazing that day. I somehow ended up at the movies with this guy im apperantly, according to my number one gay lover "dealing with", my gay lover and my random friend from various scene events showed up with her boyfriend. May i just say, ironman was a pretty sick movie. It made me feel better anyways. I got home around 12 and ranted to the one person i felt i could trust with my emoitonal distress, Rhonda for a few hours until we both pratically passed out. She made me feel alot better.

Sunday it seems like most people just feel like being assholes. Whatever, i had dinner with my mom, dad and their friend so that was nice. Then Ivan came over and we took crazy pictures while being the idiots we are.

After as Ivan was leaving, I was coming up the elevator to my condo where I stepped out into my hallway, making akward as hell coughing noises. Suddenly the guy thats my age that lives in the condo next to mine (and is the only other teenager in the building) stoped to say hello to me. As i felt exremtly emberessed by my unattrative noises. (help lmao).
So we added each other too facebook. (My mother has told me appernatly this boys bad news) where he was shocked by the fact i was his age and a singer and lived right next too him. Yeah, pretty werid i guess.

Then my friends who are retardly dramatic and always trying to keep themselfs in hell tried bitching me out about the stupidest thing in the world. It was retarded. One of them was totally dissing me up and i was not going to stand for that so I was just like screw this.

Anyways, i hope you guys had a better weekend and mothersday then me.
And im sorry this blog is going to be in so much emoitonal stress for awhile.
So check out my new pictures and tell me what you think!

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