Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Urgh, good god I cant believe im finally getting around to blogging this. I really thought I wouldn’t. (oh, I just got a email from I love sample sales). SO, I honestly don’t even know what the hell it is you’ve all been dying to hear but ill try and remember what I can.

So Monday monring, I woke up literly on crack. I felt new, motivated and just okay and happy with my life. At some point in time I shocked the world by donating 30$ to charity at school when everyone was too cheap to give five cents because they suck. Oh! And I basically led on that I was single and had dumped douche when I really hadn’t. Needless to say Azra and Jess were a little bit confused when he txted me breaking up with me. The best part was though, I honestly didn’t feel a thing. I FORGOT THAT BREAKUPS DON’T ALWAYS HURT! Thankfully my positive attitude stayed with me. I randomly decided its my goal to bring together all these weird people at my school that would have never hung out if it wasn’t for me and its going awesome ! My friend Omar drives me and my crew around all the time, I feel kind of bad but he seems to enjoy it. He also said he’d take us to Niagara falls and let me drive (lmao) and he asked me to prom which I gladly accepted. Speaking of boys though, I have quite the number of them all over me and its DRIVING ME NUTS. I just want to be friends with well really everyone right now!! So I was totally fine, loving my life until Saturday. I recorded with Scott who is possibly the nicest person in the world and whom I owe my life to. Something though with the songs I was recording and the weather out side just kicked me back into last summer which i’m truly terrified of. Not only that but scott gave me all his cd's and the six week summer vaction from hell literately is well, all i've been through this year. I’ve been acting like a massive idiot ever since doing well, random and spontaneous shit I would have never done and probably will never do again once I figure out what on earth i’m going to do. I’m confused. What can I say.

And p.s : I’m so sorry I can no longer blog about the truly scandalous points in my life anymore as well, WAY TO MANY PEOPLE READ THIS NOW. So maybe ill get a secret live journal or something. I love you guys


Now for some pics.

Me and Azra trying crap on and being idiots. Note my amazing tattoo on my boob from nick.

Recording and being an idiot.

Me and Scott because were cool.

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