Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The stone angel

So lately I’ve turned into somewhat of a movie freak, finally getting over my fear of god forbid going to the movies without a long term boyfriend. With my new found outlook on entertainment I’m completely psyched to go back to my one true love of romance films. What better way to start that then the new movie coming out called The Stone Angel. The movie has been a huge success and created a lot of buzz at film festivals these last few months. The movie also happens to feature Juno star Ellen Page which is awsome. The VIFF guide called The Stone Angel the “sex, drugs and rock’n'roll version of a Canadian-literature classic,” as its based on the novel by Margaret Laurence. The novel happened to be published in the 60’s and was thought of as an accurate representation of prairie life from ever so long ago. I’m almost tempted to read it before but then I probly wont enjoy the movie as much, as you never really can once you’ve read the book of something.

The movie is about an old lady, Hagar Shipley who escapes from home when her son and daughter in law try to place her in nursing care. Hagar then goes on a crazy journey to try and settle the problems she has with her past ending up in an abonded house she remembers near the ocean. Her aging mind however, starts making it difficult for her to tell the difference between her past and present and the movie shows us the rebellious, joyful and passionate bride she used to be. Her father however, was a total idiot ( funny how things never change through time) and disowned her for marring the “wrong type” of guy. Even though the man she chooses doesn’t meet societies social standards he shows her how to love and enjoy life. Eventually she realizes her dad influenced her more then she thought and she had been denying her son the love he needed all his life. She obviously tries to fix this before she dies. (which she probably will and I bet ill resort to crying in the theater like always!)

Anyways, the movie looks like a more complex and less fairy-tale version of the notebook. That’s pretty promising! So grab your girls and get your asses out to see this movie. I know I’m going to.

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Teena said...

Looks like a good movie, doesn't it? I'll check it out!