Wednesday, April 2, 2008

So with summer feeling so far away, I've decided to bring back all your hopes and show you some hot fashionable bikinis for 2008. Oh, that and it's a good reminder to stop eating now girls.

First up, from Victoria's Secreat is an adorable two piece decorated in tiny stars. To be honest, i probably don't like the bikini at all and just the chicks body but hey! There wasn't much else on their website and this chick was hot. The other good thing was this bikini's not to badly priced at 30 and 20 for each piece.

If an interesting ass is what your looking for, Kara Janx the project runway reject cutie is just the designer for you! Besides, a juicy coutour bikini is so over-rated this season but everyone wants an excuse for that cute guy to comment on your ass!

The bikini is priced at 120$

Because every girl needs a yellow polka dot bikini.
Just don't wear it more then once because then you cant sing the song and its no longer chic.
That and guess doesn't make the best swimwear. Oh and everyone else will have it.

Top and bottem both roughly 100$|795=&gid=333&root_category|743=Women

And finally, the bikini that is so over done its actually mandatory to own one. The american apperal lame set!! This bikini manages to bring out your body's every flaw but still make everyone thing your so damn cool. Finally making its transition from myspace, to the beach this summer!!

Roughly 70 for both peices.

Just a side note, this thing gives 2 year olds cellulite problems.

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Anonymous said...

theres good victoria secret ones in their pink line.

the ones you showed i didn't really like rofl.

the pucci ones and the louis vuitton ones look great. you should of put those up :O