Friday, April 25, 2008

So I’m sitting in class pretending to be doing something useful. Surprisingly this is alot harder then you’d think it is. My Guelph darling just texted me and happens to be in Mississauga on a field trip. Oh my god my teacher just yelled at me to focus on the lost and found clothing weve discov ered is from wallmart and are dscarding. I’m insulted that he would make me look at this drab selection of clothing. Why the hell is everything people lose lately black? Were taking pictures today and i deffinatly am in no state for a photoshoot. I really cant think of a way to diva my way out of this one sadly. I’m really so off boys right now that im terrifed for my life. I’m just not even worried, ts amazing! Just so you dont totally loose hope though, I have been showing some interest in a tattoo covered myspace cutie.

So since its a Friday, I have to encourage everyone to be their Youngest, Chicest and Soicalest. My plans for tonight? Going downtown to record with Scott and then possaibly hang out with Jessica. I can not wait until this period is over and i can get my ass home and change though. I need something hot and fashionable for today! Somehow im wearing a random, wtf I look like no one cool outfit. I think I’m going to keep my transformers sweater on though, as much as it might take away from whatever chic outfit I’m wearing. Its a fking transformers sweater. Enough said. So I really want to hit up the elle show but with the clothing show next weekend I’m totally unsure. Speaking of the clothing show, I’m going next Sunday with my favourite designer in the world, Sharon Toxic and I’m beyond thrilled to be able to hang out with her becuase shes that damn amazing.

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Anonymous said...

i cant beleive you randomly date myspace freaks.

how pathetic.