Sunday, April 6, 2008

So, i still dont have time to go over the amazingness of this weekend but ill filll you in on an interesting theory my friends have come up with!

the similiaties between this time last year and this year

-The heels curse, right away i thought of it but i brushed if off thinking i was crazy. Sadly, you've all confimed im not.

- The abercrombie obession. Not only were they both obessed but they both have me doing sprees there.

-The cars. Well, atleast this year im not getting raped in playdium parkinglots, concert parkinglots and movie parking lots.
Oh, that and parks.

-The panic for a few days, then cry for a day then be perfectly fine and forget about it and they do not become one of my "great tragedies" XD

-I have managaed to completly forget about asshole for these few months, a habit we wish could stay forever. ( Oh dont worry Im not going back to that stage lmfao)

-The ducks, i keep bloody seeing them.

-Boys are taking notice in vast amounts.

-I keep running into associates of.. "him" ((LMAO))

But yeah, im not really sure whats happened but since friday I like snapped into this whole, I'm okay with being alone blah blah i have friends and i love them and they love me and alot of other people love me and things will work out in the end blah blah blah happy yayness. I was at the movies with sarah and actusally had shitloads of fun and for the first time, ever. I wasnt all, omg i wish i had a boyfriend tonight or i wish my boyfriend was here tonight.; I was okay! and i was having fun and it felt AMAZING! Saturday i woke up and did all this productive crap too. Freaking weird.
Well im off to bed becuase i have to wake up tomorrow and make the world a better place, so while your up all night DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE AND DONATE TO THAT DOG CHAIRTY IM TOTALLY SUPPORTING!

It feels great to be getting that part of me i totally lost, the part that IS me back. Screw depression honestly, i just want to live and love the life i used to have and be the bubbly, crazy, amazing person everyone used to see me as.


shit, i have so much work to do this week.

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Anonymous said...

ive been reading this blog for a while, and i think what you talk about is cliche, typical, and lame. I cant see you donating to dogs, rather spending your money impulsively on material attributes you dont need or really want. even if you did donate to dogs in iraq, whats the point? donate to a legitamate charity.