Wednesday, April 23, 2008

fashion events

Note to my little fashionista's
Rsvp for holt renfrew's Hot Date beauty night happening next week before it's too late!!

Also, I'm debating weather or not hitting up the Elle show this weekend is worth it. It seems like an overpriced version of the clothing show to be honest. Then again, when have i ever objected to surrounding myself with tons of clothes? Guess I'll just have to see if I'm in the studio saturday.


Marciano's having 20 percent off on everything tomorrow and 50 percent off of sale merch.
This is the perfect time to spurge on one of their beaded bra's you'll most likely never wear. So get shopping my bootylicous babes! Although I've kinda found this season their collection went to shit. Where on earth am I going to buy some killer shorts this season?!

Azteca Halter CAD $101.91|922=Fashion%20Tops&browse=1&root_category|910=Tops

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