Wednesday, April 16, 2008

God what a sketchy week,
my hair is like in that sanjia-ponytail creation even for some reason atm.
ANYWAYS. My yearly an nightmares kicked in about two weeks ago maybe? Today AN fever finally hit me like full blast. I'm going to rush the crap out of my sewing project in fashion class so i can get on to sewing the like 9 costumes ill have to make in the next fucking two months. URGH. death. AND I NEED TO BOOK A DAMN HOTEL ROOM SOMEHOW. ASFDGHJKL;
Anyways, besides that. Your dying to hear about the boy crap... so everyone misses marc and apparently beleived we truly were going to get married. I realized i guess i kinda did too today. MARC WE FUCKING MISS YOU COME BACK TO ALL OF US <3
and guess who asked me to be there lover today?
Sorry, not answering that one. Leaving ya'll hanging.
That and guess what myspace famous emo boy I'm hanging with soon.
Oh jeeze.
Whats the world come too?

Best thing ever though, i was on the phone with blake bliss randomly and blake and i were talking about how i wasn't allowed to colab with him becuase of manager i had. I told him how he met his ex-girlfriend randomly. Then we got to thinking, how the HELL does that come into conversation?
Hi, how are you?
Good, you?
Great! Do you know Blake Bliss. I know Keely Valentine!


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