Friday, March 14, 2008

SOOO, me and sarah have spent the last two days together. Mainly to keep each other from falling into holes of depression! She's helping keep my mind off what happened this weekend which is a really sick thing becuase i like, bang my head on something whenever i think about it.

SOOO, our tramatic day yesterday started out in bell where we met the funniest dude ever working there. After a hour of phone hell, my parents finally came in the store and my father (drunk from a buisness meeting) entertained the hell out of us.
Besides the fact he managed to spontaniously buy a computer, a new phone and upgrade our 3000+$ a month phone bill he had some amazing quotes that will always be remebered.

guy at the store "I need $11.50"
dad "I ONLY GOT A 20"

Dad "Whats an xbox is that like a game or something"
mom "Oh my god rob, stop talking"

dad "I want it on the wall"
guy "Its fine its a desktop"
dad "But i want it on the wall"
guy "You can put it on the wall"
dad "I want a desktop"

Eventually, we ended up shopping where i spent my last (and literly last) handful of 20's on perfume becuase my (hopefully still) boyfriend seems to be obessed with perfume. Just when you think things cant get any worse, my carrot cake sucked and scott (my producer who iv been DYING to work with) texted the fk out of me PISSED TO SHIT becuase apparently my stupid phone that stoped working was getting all these LETS RECORD TOMORROW messages. Just another thing i fked up MAJORLY on this week. YOU DONT KNOW HOW MUCH ID KILL TO RECORD RIGHT NOW.
Then in the middle of the night we ruined my whole room.
Lovely isnt it.

Today, we went to the hospital where i got SOO FKING MUCH BLOOD TAKEN that sarah passed out. We then continued to rant in the car ride home about shit like, how there was signs to guelph everwhere and how a certrain asshole looks like a rat and lives in the underground parking lot. Now, were waiting for our friend jessie to come and well, amuse us i guess from toronto! YAY!
while we debate if were going to go to mtac or lukes party tomorrow.

I'm just trying my best to not think about the fact im in love and im an idiot. Wish me luck.

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