Friday, March 14, 2008

so im at the dinner table with sarah and jesse,
jesse just commented on how im like carrie from sex and the city <3
Were having quite the conversation about how i'm a secreat nympho who kills herself over sexual tension and sarah's ex's uh... thing.
(she just screamed how great it was). Jesse is trying to convince us he has a ten inch .. omg hes pulling his pants down.
ANYWAYS. (Oh god, i dont think live blogging is a good idea is it?)
Oh shit my parents are home, looks like were forced into my dungon of hell that is EXTREMLY messy to SHIT.
brb, going into room.
Okay, so jesse just made sarah confirm that he is infact 10 inches (PLEASE, help me.)
AHAHA, Were watchign the anime north masqurade from my dorky past of grade 6 and my friend caitlin (who ironically was like my bring it on showdown when this was filmed) just danced horridly across the stage.
Kerry just sang her way akwardly across the stage.
Honestly, things were SOOO ghetto back then!
We were just concluded that anime north is like vegas, what happens in vegas stays in vegas.
Kinda like sarah doing her ex behind a car.
Urgh, trying to do buisness with a possible amazing manager with a room like this and watching a skit contest is HELL.

okay so the nights over
and sarah left and now im breaking down with that horrible horrible feeling that destroys me and i wont even think about doing something stupid thought becuase i promised him i wouldnt ever again.

but if i loose adrian i dont know what im going to do..
but if he loved me wouldnt he have texted me or atleast left a facebook comment or something by now?
it hurts so much...
but im just trying to beleive what he said about him loving me and not going to leave me before i left
becuase its the only thing i can do..
i love him so much... iv never been this scared...
... i hope he misses me too..

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