Sunday, March 16, 2008

okay so i get it
im loosing my mind, and my boyfriend hates me
but whatever.
I have to go get my attitude back.
you know why?
beucase until my boyfriend thinks i dont care and showing him how much this is all destorying me only makes him want to break up with me more
basically either way im fucked
so yeah
i might go unblock a few assholes
and try and get it back
but its scaring me
beucase i cant really get it back right now..
tomorrow is going to take one fking killer outfit

quote of the day:

· · katelynn<33 iloveyou;todeath`davidBEAULIEU - - nwly says:

gosh, i like look up too you

WOW. lmao were all screwed

now im gonna go listen to dr jones by aqua cuz there cd is making me like drugged and its reminding me of HIM.

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