Friday, March 21, 2008

Okay so, finally I have two days worth of Young, Chic and Social filled antics to blog about. These are the things I look upon my life as the defining moments and the moments i think, hey things are pretty freaking cool sometimes as.


Thursday started out as a horrible day, one where i could not get out of bed and resorted to going in third period. The day only slowly draged me further into a depressed hole when my boyfriend told me that he couldn't hang out (there went a canceled cheerleading practise which i might get kicked off cheer for nothing. So needless to say, i was pissed feeling hopelessly in love (in the bad way) and had NO PLANS FOR THURSDAY NIGHT. Totally not acceptable for moi.
On top of the hell, I managed to get dragged into a 2 and a hafe hour long drama rehersal i was NOT looking forward to. So besides the princepal telling me im getting my cell phone taken away on tuesday (I'm giving her a old one, HAHA LOSER) I was hungry and decided to mop my ass to the vending machine and buy chips i wouldnt eat. On the way back, I noticed a 314 calling my temporary and ghetto cell and thought to myself
"Why is my twin calling!?"
I answered with a weiry "hey" and in return got a "OMG IM IN BURLINGTON".
Now, its not every day your best friend from St.Louis is well, In your town so of course i totally shit a chicken and FREAKED THE HELL OUT!
She got the directions to my school as i ran into the drama rehersal and got my ass out of there. Next thing i knew, I had packed a bag and i was on my way to Toronto to stay at the Marriot on Young and Bloor for the night with possiably the only person in the world that could keep my mind off my Adrian's not here and it sucks-ness. (She was with her sister and mom who were checking out schools on buffalo and came to visit moi) Best surpise ever? I think so. We spent the night eating, screaming our random youtube infulenced crap only we, as twins would understand just acted so friggen happy to be near each other. I actsaully fell asleep for the first night in, god knows how long not worring about getting my ass rejected or my life being fked to peices. Somehow, knowing i have a twin and have made my own family with her makes me feel so unbeleiably better i cant explain. In three years, she'll be moving here and were going to be living together which rocks.

The next day, we ended up at pacific mall. Only to get into a massive car fight in the parking lot and getting flashed the finger when after we laughed at the asshole who tried to steal our parking lot and didnt get it. Once inside the mall however, it was more crouded then a chinese subway at rushhour and we almost died.
I would like to take this moment to mention the amazing chole dress i tried on, fell in love with and put back as i could not afford it and it was probly fake for 700$. Still, the store was SICK.
Once i got home, I was inspired not to sit on my ass and be miserable as the
Hmm, Adrian hasnt called and i miss him and he doesnt seem to miss me all that much- ness sunk in and made whatever freaking plans i could.
I ended up in burlington, getting food with my friend ivan. He was sick but being the cutie he is he helped me do my hair after he ate. Then by 9:30 to my parents dismay I was off the the movies with my producer chris. ( when will my parents start letting me out late, honestly!) Sadly, his peice of shit car managed to shit the bed right as we got on the highway and we ended up at his house telling his parents THE CAR DOESNT WORK. Which they refused to beleive until they tried it.
Chris's random friend called and we ended up going to the movies with him and made it to the movie with one minuet to spare! Feeling bold and daring from this weekend, I made them see the other Boyln Girl as I looked forward to Adrian taking me to it for weeks but realized, I cant depend on him for crap, i just have to go out and do it myself becuase thats the way life is. The movie went on forever and here i am, home at 1. Chris and his cool friend however liked to spent the whole car ride home making fun of my age. But i mean hey, twin showing up, hanging out with 21 year olds randomly. My life's starting to seem like its almost back to normal doesn't it?
Oh and just to make it even seem better! Adrian DID end up calling me during the movie where i found out hes with one of my best friend Kerry's exboyfriend number 26 who somehow ended up on my msn?
Life is freaking werid but its the crap like this that actusally manages to keep me sane.
When Adrian gets back, I'm hopeing hell let me give him the biggest hug in the world

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