Friday, March 14, 2008

heres hafe of a HORRIBLEEE SONG i wrote tonight explaning my feelings lmao
Urgh. my heary.
anyways.. i could possibly have some exciting ass music news coming up for you fans out there

id say i messed up
but i guess you just have to really find out who i am
but i swear to god that baby
if i could turn back the time i wouldnt do that again

I, I really hurt
I'v always been stuck on the ground
But when i met you,
when i met you, i didnt make a sound

You picked me up a hell of alot more then you know
and im getting better, getting better, but i had to let it show
and if you leave me now
leave me, leave me like this
then how the hell am i going to focus
Dont leave me, i swear ill get through this for you
its just something i need to do
i swear im so much more then the pathetic girl you now think i am..

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