Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Alright so, im not blogging to much about feelings. You know why? Because boys dont want girls that want them.
So whatever.
No, he hasnt really been talking to me
Stop laughing and enjoying my pain.
Kay thanks.

Soo i have some pretty sick things to talk about!
I went to the movies with my crew yesterday ( jess and azra) and we saw Hortan hears a Who. It was really such a awsome movie! This little demented thing that floats reminded everyone of me!
Best quote from the movie "In my world, everyones unicorns that eat rainbows and poop butterflies!"
Ironically there was another little monster in the movie named Jessica whos quote was something like "In my world, im Queen Jessica where everyone loves me and.."
Needless to say Jess loved that!

Perhaps the best thing out of the last two days was in the reading circle were assinged to do in english (tell each other shit about the book we read). I was babbin on and when answering a question i managed to say
"Its hard to figure out my charater as the only thing she seems to really care about is love in life"
Jessica then gave me a holy crap i'm shocked look where i realized
Yeah, shit i am the main character.
Great to know i'm getting married to death. Lovely isn't it?

So as for operation get my bf to care again, i went tanning. It also cost me $60 for one session. (FK THAT)

I also got my sweet 16 dress today, and im magically not fond of it. (Greatttttttt)
I also am considering looking poor and changing into my guess dress that id wear to school. Making sense? No its not to me either.
Oh well if i bling it up it could work right? No? Great.
I'm singing a song at my party and am going to dedicate it to you know who.
I wonder how thats going to turn out.
Oh geeze, so much stress.
Sorry im not making sense, i swear ill get back with some amazing things and making fun of asshole soon enough. For now just pray i dont get killed.

you can see the KILLER song i wrote tonight

you havent called
since friday night
making me think
theres something im not doing right
but im trying
and i know im doing okay
but the thought of you without me
is breaking me away

im getting pissed, im getting loud, i cant stop crying but im looking hot
while you throw this realtionship out, a war im loosing but one i fought
and i wont stop at nothing
im making myself into such a mess
but its killing me inside
that you dont want this
youd settle for less
and its a big deal for me
becuase i beleived your my one and only
so throw me out
leave me fucked
becuase all my effort just wasnt enough.

Im wearing your clothes
im hopeing youll stay
that your temporarly on vaction
and when you come back everything will be okay
i know im hot
i know i deserive you
but if you think im not worthy
then its better were through

Dont get me wrong
I cant breath, i cant live
im having panic attacks
knowing you dont want the love i give
but id do anything for you
and i swear if you pull through
its not something youll regreat
im a gift, im heavensent


holy hell.
my grandma actsaully just came in the room and asked me if my boyfriend broke up with me becuase i never talk to him anymore.
yep, its offical
I'm not even on this planet anymore.

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Anonymous said...

wow that song says "im a diva bitch who is such a cocky whore"