Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Okay so, even though the bad girls club has yet to start in Canada i must say iv kinda got an obsession with the second season ((And no, not becasue my song "The Open Road" was feauted on the season finale of the first season))

I think my obsession though, comes from the funniest and by far the craziest person in the world Tanisha. Somehow, no matter how much i hear her scream " POP OFF" it still is always funny, that and the fact she called everyone son. The ironic part is she remind's me SO much of one of my best friend's who i happen to be terrified of. (She threw me on the ground in the middel of the cafe and started stomping on my last year) Lyric however really annoys the shit out of me.

Anyways, heres some awsome clips of my entertainment


and this reminded me of a re enactment of my grade 7 out of school party

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